Why Mobile

Why Mobile? Mobile is centered around quick, concise information with a focus on calls to action.

  • Mobile search is primarily local, “Lawyer in Riverside”, "Pizza in Redlands", it makes sense to have a mobile site to greet these searches since the customer is mobile and they won’t wait around if you are not. 
  • Mobile users are action takers.  Customers looking for what you have to offer, credit card in hand...be there or your competition will.
  • The database for Mobile search results is much smaller than the Internet, less to compete with.
  • Google gives preference to mobile search for local results
  • Google has incorporated various platforms for mobile search and marketing, preparing for the growth we are currently seeing
  •  Google (and other search engines) have a specific data pool of local results for mobile search
  • By Location: Break this mobile results data down to local territories, where search results are segregated by a 15 mile area.
  • By Category: Break it down once more by category…”Real Estate in Riverside”


Q and A's

Why do we optimize websites? 

It minimizes the risk for both parties working together. 

We realize businesses are wary of SEO folks, building an online presence could take years, and is a vague concept for many business owners. It is also risky for SEO pro’s to take on a client that doesn’t understand why, how long and what to expect, especially for a new business or starting with a non-optimized website.

Therefore we take the following measures...

  • Start with a clean slate, so we can claim responsibility for the results. This is why we have the local marketing package available for our mobile customers only, we know how the layout should be for optimal search results and conversions
  • Keep a log of our activities for your campaign. Whether or not you understand the meaning or reasoning, the information is there to follow along with your progress.
  • Leave no stone unturned; research- research –research is the only way to measure results  and minimize lost opportunities.  Search is a strong indicator of intent and interest

 Why is Keyword research important?

 Keywords are the rule we follow for any content, domain name, url etc. Never assume we know everything, and if we do,  we still research, things change, people change. We may be spot on now, but tomorrow could be the day we are off.


Why is competition research important? 

Keep your friends close, your enemies closer…Know what they do and how they move, stay ahead, stay parallel, never behind.

It isn’t a race because there is no finish line, it is capturing fair market share 



  •  A powerful pay-per-click option for local advertising

Adwords Express Local is location specific.  A perfect fit for your location optimized Mobile site.  Easy on the budget with Monthly spend allocated and controlled by you.

Get the most out of your campaign with Get Mobiled’s *Adwords Express Management Services:

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