Mobile Chat

Use the Comm100 Live Chat Visitor Monitor from your mobile phone to keep your customers from having to wait for service. The Live Chat for mobile can be used to accept chat requests from anywhere. The number one benefit of the mobile chat program is being able to engage your customers at all times


iPhone Download  Set-up Guide

Android OS 2.X   Set-up Guide

BlackBerry Installation Set-up Guide

Windows Download  Set-up Guide

Java Based Installation  Set-up Guide



Multiple Visitor Monitor

  • Clients

Web Client

Desktop Client

 iPhone Client for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch  

Android Client

Blackberry Client  

Windows Mobile Pocket PC Client

Java Based Mobile Client for Symbian, etc  

  • Enhanced Live Chat Experience

Accept Multiple Chat Requests  

Auto Accept Chat Requests  

Department Routing  

Route Visitors to a Specified Department/Operator

Send Greeting Message Automatically

  • Text & Voice Chat

Canned Messages & URLs

Screen Capture  

File Transfer Monitor an Ongoing Chat  

Join in an Ongoing Chat  

Transfer Chat to Another Operator  

View all Log-In Operators with Status

Chat with Other Operators Spell Check  

Typing Indicator  

Time Stamp to Each Chat Message  

Auto Save Transcripts Send Transcripts to Email  

Ban Visitors by Id, IP or IP Range

Visual/Sound Alert

Away Mode

Auto Start Visitor Monitor (Desktop Client Only)

Auto Log-in (Desktop Client Only)

Pop-up Notifications (Desktop Client Only)  

  • Visitor Monitor & Tracking

Visitor List

See How Many Visitors are in Site or Waiting for Chat

Filter Visitor List (All Visitors, All Chats, My Chats or Captured Visitors)

Filter out Visitors Who Have Been Idle on Your Website for a Defined Period of Time

View Visitor Information (Name, Email, Visit Times, Chat Times, Visit Time, Current Page, Referrer, Keyword, Search Engine, Chat Requesting Page, Geo Info, Browser, Operating System, etc.)

View Navigation History (Which Pages are Viewed)

View/Edit Pre-Chat Information

View Contact History (Visit time, Name, Operators, Email, Navigation,

Chat/ Message Transcripts)

Visitor Capture  

  • Chat Button

Select Image Button from Gallery

Customize Your Own Image Button Static Image Button

Float Image Button

Text Link

Monitor Only

Email Signature  

Hide Offline Chat Button

Multiple Chat Buttons on One Web Page    

  • Chat Window

Customize Window Title

Customize Your Own Branding Image

Change Background & Text Color

Allow Visitor to Set Name

Allow Visitor to Send Chat Transcripts

  • Allow Visitor to Send Files

Allow Visitor to Capture Screen

Allow Visitor to Use Voice Chat

Customize Sound Alert  

  • Invitation

Customize Invitation Image

Customize Invitation Message

Set Invitation Position

Enable Auto Invitation

Set Auto Invitation Rules  

  • Pre-Chat Survey

Enable/Disable Pre-Chat Survey

 Customize Window Title

Customize Greeting Message

Configure the Visible Fields

Configure the Required Fields

Add Custom Fields

Edit Product/Service Select Items

Edit Department Select Items  

  • Offline Message

Customize Window Title

Customize Greeting Message

Configure the Visible Fields

Configure the Required Fields

Add Custom Fields

Enable Attachment

Edit Product/Service Select Items  

Edit Department Select Items

Auto-Forward Offline Messages & Attachments to Emails  

  • Post-Chat Rating

Enable/Disable Post-Chat Rating  

Edit Rating Scale

Customize Greeting Message

Allow Comments  

  • Multiple Language Support

Multiple Built-in Languages of the Interface Texts & System Messages for Visitor Side windows  Customize Interface Texts for Visitor Side Windows  

Customize System Messages for Visitor Side Windows

Support Right-to-Left Text Direction  

  • Website Integration

Multiple Website Integration Plans  using the same ID

Website Integration

Plan Preview

SSL Encryption

HTML Code with JavaScript

HTML Code without JavaScript  

  • Transcripts & History

Query by Time Range, Visitor Name, Visitor Email, Operator Name, Keyword & Type (Chat/Message)  

View Contact Detail

View Contact History

View All Visitors' Navigation History

Send Transcript to Email

Attach Transcript to Ticket

Delete Transcripts  

  • Reports & Analytics

Visit & Chat Metrics

  • Operators

Operator Chat Metrics

Missed & Refused Chats

Popup & Accepted Auto Invitations

Operator Online Time in One Day

Operator Average Online Time in a Period

Operator Performance  

Rating Report


SEO Reports

Search Engine Report What search engine they used to get to your website

Search Keywords Report What search terms used to find your website/landing page


  • Permission Setting

Set Operator Permission  

Set Operator Group Permission