About Us

We are a small team of SEO and Mobile integration specialists that listen to you, and are very passionate about what works for local businesses. It is our mission and motivation to spread the word about the effectiveness of mobile marketing for local businesses and franchises.

bile designed for Mobile

When people visit your site and they can’t see it from their phones, the liklihood of them returning is virtually none, customer lost, money out the door, or to a competitor with a mobile site.


Making your site smaller, is not always a smart move….With responsive designs you have the best of both worlds, viewable on any mobile device. Websites have a broader purpose, mobile sites are focused and condensed

  • Mobile users are on the go (with credit card in hand) and take action right away. For the local business, this is your customer.

A Mobile site needs to address the mobile persona...

  1. Do you have the product or service they are looking for? Relative search terms to a relevant page?
  2. Is it within the price range they have already decided on? (They have done their research)
  3. Is it obtainable now or soon?
  4. Is the process simple? One or two clicks away, minimal information required, page load times are quick
  5. Can they trust you? Reviews, response times and an authority online presence are important

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